Why do Second Opinions matter in Healthcare?

In this article we have listed few reasons why do you need to get second opinions about your condition.

Googling Symptoms

Let’s face it, majority of us Google our symptoms and try to self-diagnose our diseases. There is nothing wrong in it, until you start giving it a status of an actual diagnosis.

We can’t blame ourselves for this behavior. Google has a significant importance in our lives. Many of us, truly believe in Google, after God, if we believe in God. We use Google to get from one point to another, we use Google to control our phones (unless you are Apple fan, but you get the point), and few of us may not have jobs if there is no Google Search. With all this strong associations with Google, it is natural to trust that unstructured and non-personalized search results of our conditions without ever validating them with a qualified physician. Many times those search results lead to an unnecessary anxiety and depression which pulls you into a whirlpool of psychological issues. Of course, we can’t help ourselves, and will continue try to diagnose ourselves through online search but the point is that do reach out to a physician when you start feeling very strong about your opinion and contemplating acting upon it.


Believe it or not but misdiagnoses is the third leading cause of death in U.S. You can check out the facts here . Majority of these errors can be avoided if patients educate themselves about their conditions and possible treatment options. This is where a second opinion service really makes the difference. That service can not only guide you in the right direction, but can also act as your advocate in finding the best possible outcome for you and for your loved ones.

Rare Disease

It is quite possible that you experiencing something which your primary care physician may not be able to figure out. It is not his or her fault. Medicine is very vast and it is hard to keep up with every latest thing. Our bodies and genetics are not same, there could be some rare mutation of a virus which is not very common. This is the time you should seek an opinion of other physicians. One very good book is “Diagnosis” by Dr. Lisa Sanders. In fact, she collaborate with NY Times and produced a Netflix series with same name. She showed the power of crowd diagnosis. However, that approach is hard to implement, unless if you have an established network of qualified and vetted people to comment on your condition.